We are facing not only global issues such as energy/environmental issues, but also domestic issues such as a rapidly aging society. In order to overcome these issues and improve global competitiveness, it is imperative to cultivate future leaders who can create innovation based on science and technology.

We have an interdisciplinary education system which has integrated natural science curriculums, including advanced science and technology, and social science curriculums, including entrepreneurship. We aim to cultivate future leaders who have learned the skills to promote R&D in advanced science and technology, as well as skills in intellectual property rights, industrial development and market development.

We have 5 departments, as listed below. We expect to create new fields of science and technology or new disciplines by integrating these departments. In addition, we will build an ecosystem which incubates innovations continuously by efficiently combining education, R&D and commercialization.
We aim to be a global initiative hub to create innovation.