Research Field

Chemical Engineering, Membrane Science and Technology


Educational Background

Dr. Eng., Chemical Engineering, Kyoto University, 1997

Current Position

Professor, Graduate School of Science, Technology and Innovation, Kobe University
Professor, Center for Membrane and Film Technology
Member of a board of directors, Researcg Organization for Membrane and Film Technology (concurrency)

Research Career

2016-: Professor, Kobe University
2007-2016: Associate professor, Hiroshima University
1996-2007: Assistant professor, Hiroshima University

During these periods, engaged in elucidation of molecular permeation mechanismsm in microporous ceramic membranes and development of gas separatyion/liquid separation membranes.


Separation and purification technology plays an important role in chemical industry, bioindustry and semiconductor industry. A separation is also key technology for the environmental issues such as water treatment and reduction of fossil-fuel consumption as a measure against global warming. Membrane separation, based on difference in molecular transport rate and physical chemical properties, is known to be an energy saving and low-cost separation technology.
In order to apply membranes to separation processes for solving environmental and energy problems, we are studying on several research topics such as preparation of microporous ceramic membranes for gas separation, computer assisted design of biomimetic water channel and water permeation simulations,development of ionic liquids for forward osmosis of water, and liquid transport mechanisms in nano pores.