OZAKI Hiroyuki



Research Field

Entrepureneurship and Open Innovation


Educational Background

PhD in golbao business management

Current Position

Professor, Graduate School of Science, Technology and Innovation, Kobe University.

He is teaching entrepureneruship and innovation for students of science and engineering majors. Theme of education and research is ""How to make an efficient process to create businesses based on science and technologies in bio, chemical,healthcare and Information"". Other than on campus activities, he is engaged in education for business persons how to pursue innovation, and joint research with partner companies on open innovation. He is curretnly borad members of several corporations, committe member of Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Okinawa Prefecture.
He is board menmbers of The Japan Academic Society for Ventures and Entreprenerurs, and a councilor member of Japan Society for Research Policy and Innovation Management.

Professional Career

For seventeen years since he graduated from college, Professor Ozaki had worked for investment banks, which are Nomura Securities, Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs. He was Executive Director of Goldman Sachs Asset Management. In 2001, he moved from investment banks to a startup industry. He created a venture capital specialized in biotech in cooperation with SBI, and became foundation members of several startup companies in biotech, cleantech and IT areas.
Since 2005, he has been professor of Tokyo University of Technology nad KOBE University, and been engaged in education and research in entrepureneurship and open innovation.

Academic Career

Since 2005, he has been Professor of Graduate School of Science, Technology and Innovation, and Professor of Graduate School of Business Administration, both in KOBE University.
Before being engaged in the current job, he was Profesor in entrepureneurship, Tokyo University of Technology (2005-2015), Visiting Professor of Graduate School of Business, Waseda University(2006-2010), Visitng Professor of Graduate School of Business, Nanyang Technological University in Singapore (2007-2010), Vising Lecturer of Graduate School of Life Science and System Engineering, Kyushu Institute of Technology(2007-2010), and Visting Researcher of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology(2005-2006).


Challenge and be innovative! Looking forwar to meeting people of various areas.