IWAHORI Toshiyuki




Project Associate Professor

Research Field

Lifestyle disease epidemiology, evidence-based medicine (EBM) and innovation, value creation and business development in healthcare, innovation strategy, entrepreneurship


Educational Background

Doctor degree in Medical Science Ph.D.), Public Health, obtained from Shiga University of Medical Science (2015/9)
Master degree in Electrical engineering obtained from Osaka Prefecture University (2001/3)
Bachelor degree in Electrical engineering obtained from Osaka Prefecture University (1999/3)

Current Position

Project Associate Professor, Graduate School of Science, Technology and Innovation, Kobe University
Visiting associate professor, Department of Public Health, Shiga University of Medical Science
Visiting researcher, Research institute of Pharmacy, Nihon University(-2019/3)

Professional Career

Over 15 years of R&D experience in engineering, dentistry and medical industrial fields. Industrial experiences in developments (spindle motors for coin-sized Hard Disk Drive used for initial model of iPod nano) in device manufacturer (during 2001-2005 in Panasonic) and also in assembled healthcare product manufacturer (during 2005-2018 in OMRON for R&D on Blood pressure monitors, Powered toothbrush with 3D motion sensor and Sodium-to-potassium monitor). New discoveries and inventions delivered more than 30+ scientific presentations (in conferences and manuscript publications) and 60+ intellectual properties. Experiences on medical research studies for delivering innovations compatible with "Evidence based medicine (EBM)” and entrepreneurial practices in new healthcare business developments were for both creating new market and enlarging market size. Created medical/clinical evidences and delivered newly developed healthcare innovation for sodium-to-potassium ratio and its self-monitoring device. The innovation on sodium-to-potassium ratio became newly introduced in recent clinical practice guideline by conducting active medical research activities and scientifically convincing influential medical experts (Home blood pressure monitors took 30+ years, though ours shortened it to 8 years after starting R&D).

Academic Career

Lectured “Entrepreneurship in large sized Japanese firms” in Graduate School of Science, Technology and Innovation, Kobe University (2016).
Lectured “Medical technology and Development” for Fundamentals of Translational Science in Shiga University of Medical Science leading graduate program for reducing the burden of non-communicable disease in the Asian Pacific region (in English, 2017).
Currently, mainly in charge of doctoral program in strategic entrepreneurship as a Project Associate Professor, Graduate School of Science, Technology and Innovation, Kobe University (beyond 2018/4), and writing both medical science and social science manuscripts to bridge new healthcare innovations and diverse clinical fields in order to fulfill EBM and unmet clinical needs to deliver innovations successfully and much faster.
Lectured “Japan born innovations" for Drucker Japan residency program in Drucker School of Management Claremont Graduate University (in English, 2018).


My major interests are in delivering innovations toward healthcare, IT, biotechnology and chemical engineering industries. Bridging the unmet market needs and the seeds discovered in deep science is challenging. Business integrations and business strategy structure buildings for sustainable innovations are critical for bridging these. Healthcare innovation is one of the most challenging innovations. Limited tools are available to support medical experts for monitoring the ongoing conditions of patients even if cause and effect among the symptoms became identified; thus, the potential for delivering innovation for healthcare is still remaining. However, healthcare innovation and innovation using deep science takes longer time for delivery (Home blood pressure monitors took 30+ years for becoming introduced in clinical practice guidelines after initial model product launch). My aim is to contribute on delivering useful innovations successfully and much faster to resolve the social issues by strategic integration in science, technology, innovation, business, marketing and medical affairs.