Advanced Membrane Science and Technology

The goal is to realize a resource-circulating society based on energy-saving and energy-generating processes with water purification and gas separation utilizing the membrane.

Research Strengths and Achievements

  • ・The completion of an on-campus research facility of Organization for Membrane and Film Technology (6000 m2, February 2015)
  • ・Establishment of Research Center for Membrane and Film Technology (April 2019) (Research collaboration with 14 overseas institutions and membrane research centers)
  • ・The introduction of various membrane technology pilot plants
  • ・The driving of an industry-academic alliance in cooperation with the Organization for Membrane and Film Technology (80 firms)
  • ・The development of energy-saving water treatment and gas separation process, membrane based energy generating process, and circulating environmental detoxification processes through an industry-academic-government alliance


Typical graduates are expected to master comprehensive membrane science and technology which encompasses material development, membrane manufacturing, and membrane application processes and to create technology innovations in the environment/energy areas in order to achieve an eco-friendly society.

Business Creation