Medical Science

Promotion of the development of new methodologies leading to the novel clinical diagnosis and therapy, by utilizing innovative strategies such as computational simulation, single cell RNA sequencing, and vaccine platform technologies, further using special medical industry zone in Kobe.

Research Strengths and Achievements

  • ・Research and development of novel oral vaccine platform using bifidobacteria, and the clinical development of oral hepatitis C vaccine, and oral cancer vaccine
  • ・Establishment of drug discovery system utilizing SPring-8, SACLA and computer simulation. The joint research in developing Ras inhibitors (molecular targeted anti-cancer drug candidates) with synthetic chemistry manufacture in Kobe realized the licensing out of the compound patent to the domestic pharmaceutical company.
  • ・Search for novel therapeutic targets for cardiovascular diseases via performing single cell RNA sequencing analysis of clinical specimens. Survey of gut microbiota in cardiovascular and lifestyle-related disease patients and development of live biotherapeutic products.
  • ・The industry-academic alliance leveraging the special medical industry zone and the research-friendly environment with regards to pharmaceutical regulations


Typical graduates are expected to be equipped with high level of management skills, based on the specialized knowledge and skills of life science, to address unmet medical needs and to create cutting-edge medical technologies i.e., novel medicine, diagnosis, cell- and tissue-based medical products and devices.

Business Creation