Advanced Information and Communication Technology

Researchers at the frontlines of Internet of Things (IoT) wide area network, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and quantum computers are driving cutting-edge research and development in the field of IT application through technological development and collaboration.
We contribute to the realization of Society 5.0 through the creation of innovation.

Research Strengths and Achievements

  • ・Practical research and development (R&D) through industry, academia and government collaboration by front-line researchers covering the search for advanced electronic materials, semiconductor device design methods and IoT system implementation techniques.
  • ・Leader in the creation and development of academic areas related to hardware security and safety.
  • ・Multifaceted and practical approach to R&D in areas related to noise problems in semiconductor and electronic devices through industry-academia and international collaboration.
  • ・Development of ultra-low power IoT sensor nodes and digital healthcare devices.
  • ・Collaborative development with industry on cryogenic device technology for fault-tolerant quantum computers.


Development of human resources who can bridge the search for advanced electronic materials and the creation of information and communication technology, and demonstrate leadership in predicting effects through multidimensional simulations and designing semiconductor application systems.

Business Creation