Utilizing microbial processes, the goal is to realize a less dependent on fossil resources and a recycling-based sustainable society through the production of biofuel and bio-oriented chemical products from lignocellulosic plants.


Research strengths and achievements:

  • Establishment of the first Integrated Biorefinery Center (December 2007)
  • Establishment of the “Cell Factories” concept through the fusion of Cell Surface Engineering and Metabolic Engineering
  • Launch of world-leading research as a center of excellence for realizing Green Innovation through the interindustrial-academic (industry-industry-academia) collaborations
  • Installation of a pilot plant on Kobe University and demonstration of bioethanol production
  • Development of one of the largest GMP plant among the public institutions in Japan and a center of excellence for realizing Life Innovation



Typical graduates are expected to be individuals who are able to develop new biotechnologies and to create science-based innovations in the fields of bioproduction such as biofuels, bio-based chemicals, functional materials, functional food and biological medicines.


Business creation