By conducting cutting-edge biotechnology R&D, we aim to advance innovation in the biomanufacturing field, including biochemicals, biologics, and biofinechemicals.

Research Strengths and Achievements

  • ・Established the Biorefinery Center (in December 2007) and the Engineering Biology Research Center (in July 2018), the first centers of their kind in Japan.
  • ・Established a variety of cutting-edge research facilities for biomanufacturing, including a pilot plant for biomass fermentation, and a GMP-compliant manufacturing plant for biological pharmaceuticals.
  • ・Engages in numerous programs to establish centers, as well as ambitious projects. These include the following: "Creation of Innovative Bioproduction Kobe; iBioK (MEXT)", "Synthetic Bioengineering Research Center (MEXT)", "Project Focused on Developing Key Technology for Discovering and Manufacturing Drugs for Next-Generation Treatment and Diagnosis (AMED)", and "Development of Production Techniques for Highly Functional Biomaterials Using Smart Cells of Plants and Other Organisms; Smart Cell Project (NEDO)"
  • ・Strongly promotes collaboration between industry, academia and government as well as human resource development by working with the Organization for Engineering Biology (consisting of around 50 participating companies) and the Biologics Center for Research and Training (consisting of around 30 participating companies).
  • ・Conducts cutting-edge research to develop new biotechnologies, cell breeding technologies and bioXdigital hybrid platforms, as well as developing practical application processes through industry-academia-government collaborations.
  • ・A number of Kobe University-launched startups have been established based on university research achievements, including Bio Palette Co., Ltd. (base editing), Synplogen Co., Ltd. (long-chain DNA synthesis), and Bacchus Bio Innovation Co., Ltd. (biofoundry).


Our cutting-edge biotechnology research and entrepreneurship education equips our graduates with an understanding of the biomanufacturing field’s needs, trends and success stories, enabling them to develop their own innovations.

Business Creation