Utilizing the functions of microorganisms and cells, we produce biologically derived fuel, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and functional food from sugar and other substances contained in plants that are a renewable resource.
These researches contribute to the realization of a sustainable society and improvement of quality of life through the creation and social implementation of innovation.

Research Strengths and Achievements

  • ・Establishment of the first Integrated Biorefinery Center (December 2007)
  • ・Establishment of the “Cell Factories” concept through the fusion of Cell Surface Engineering and Metabolic Engineering
  • ・Launch of world-leading research as a center of excellence for realizing Green Innovation through the interindustrial-academic (industry-industry-academia) collaborations
  • ・Installation of a pilot plant on Kobe University and demonstration of bioethanol production
  • ・Development of one of the largest GMP plant among the public institutions in Japan and a center of excellence for realizing Life Innovation
  • ・We have succeeded in the development of Target-AID, a new genome editing technique that rewrites the DNA sequence without cleaving it; this led to the launch of a university spinoff venture, Bio Palette Co., Ltd.
  • ・A university spinoff venture, Synplogen Co., Ltd., has been launched with our proprietary Ordered Gene Assembly in Bacillus subtilis (OGAB) and long-chain DNA synthesis as its core technologies.
  • ・We are powerfully promoting research toward the development of a smart cell platform that integrates bio- and digital technologies and the establishment of biofoundry technology integrating robotics into biotechnology.


Typical graduates are expected to be individuals who are able to develop new biotechnologies and to create science-based innovations in the fields of bioproduction such as biofuels, bio-based chemicals, functional materials, functional food and biological medicines.

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Kobe University promotes the development of evolutionally and integrated bio-process from biomass feedstocks to end-products